ChemRADE is developed by Caesar Consult Nijmegen, a consultancy firm specialized in occupational hygiene and toxicology, in close cooperation with business partners. As a result of working with the software on daily base, our support is efficient and for competitive prices. Therefore, the consultants of ChemRADE and Caesar Consult can offer you support in implementing and managing your ChemRADE account. In addition, we can offer additional occupational hygiene and toxicology services concerning the risk assessment of hazardous substances. We have years of experience in:

  • Conducting exposure assessment in the workplace
  • Processing and supplementing SDS information
  • Deriving occupational exposure limits (OELs)
  • Realizing a CMR management plan
  • Defining pregnancy policy plans for hazardous substances
  • Designing measurement programmes to guard exposure to hazardous substances
  • Analysing measurement data
  • Developing and executing a biological monitoring programme
  • Assessing occupational exposure from the past, related to occupational diseases.

With our unique combination of techniques and knowledge, we offer you the best results for safer solutions for your company! If you are interested in these possibilities, please contact us for more information.