On your own

If you choose to implement ChemRADE with minimal support, our support limits to providing you with instructions and an introduction training session. In addition, we will structure your ChemRADE account in an efficient way to ensure that your risk assessments will be adequately conducted. Additional handlings such as performing risk assessments, preparing an action plan, creating other reports and workplace instruction cards (WICs), as well as recording all additional registration requirements for CMR substances, you will do on your own.

You can consult our helpdesk for questions about the software and maintain your knowledge or stay informed of developments within ChemRADE by joining our free periodic training sessions.

Full support

Another option is to implement ChemRADE partly or even fully by one of our consultants, so we will take care for a stress-free implementation for you. Since we work on a daily basis with the ChemRADE software, our support is efficient for competitive prices. Our consultants can also support you in managing your ChemRADE account in an efficient way. Besides this, we offer additional occupational hygiene and toxicology services concerning the risk assessment of hazardous substances, such as developing measurement programmes to assess exposure to hazardous substances or deriving occupational exposure limits (OELs).

If you are interested in our additional services, please have a look here.

Are you interested in an introduction in ChemRADE without any obligations? PleaseĀ contact us if you require further information.