Basic module

The ChemRADE basic module helps you to comply with the Dutch Working Conditions Act, in accordance with the four measures of the Dutch Labor Inspectorate. The other modules will be connected to this basic module, which allows you to create a hazardous chemical management system in line with the specific needs of your business.edrijf.

A strong starting point

In the basic module, all functionalities are built-in to meet the requirements of the National Working Condition Act. We therefore regard the basic module as a strong starting point for creating your ChemRADE system. With the basic module a register of hazardous substances can be created, including additional registration options for CMR classified products. In addition, ChemRADE derive automatically the right occupational exposure limit (OELs) for a substance in accordance with a well-known Dutch guideline (SER guideline), especially when different limits are available. Finally, you will be able to store and manage all Safety Data Sheets (SDS) efficiently.

Assess and secure

Besides the comprehensive possibilities for organizing and maintaining your register of hazardous substances, the basic module also supports you in performing risk assessments of exposure to substances in the workplace in a very convenient way. When the risk assessments are completed, ChemRADE can be used to make an action plan (according to the occupational health and safety strategy), for situations in which elevated health risks are found. Additionally, you can compile various (management) reports.

In the basic module, various components have already been introduced which are required to meet the REACH legislations, such as the possibility of including Derived No Effect Levels (DNELs) in your substances register and the use of REACH process categories (PROC’s) for describing activities.

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The advantages
  • Combined Shape Creating and managing the hazardous substances register, including additional registration options CMR substances in an easy way
  • Combined Shape Derive the right occupation exposure limit (OEL) for a substance, in accordance with the Dutch SER guideline
  • Combined Shape Assess all health risks related to occupational exposure by validated algorithm estimates
  • Combined Shape Calculate the effects of possible control measures, according to the occupational health and safety strategy
  • Combined Shape Creating an action plan, based on risk assessment outcomes and creating well-organized management reports

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