CLOUD module

With the CLOUD module in ChemRADE you are able to send the most up-to-date safety information sheets (SDSs) and workplace instruction cards (WICs) for products to your employees in the workplace. By using the CLOUD module, the printing and distribution of SDS and WIC sheets are no longer necessary, since your employees have direct access to up-to-date safety information in a digital environment via a personal log-in.

The advantages
  • Combined Shape Employees always have access to the most up-to-date safety data sheets (SDSs) and workplace instruction cards (WICs)
  • Combined Shape Digital workplace instruction cards (instead of printed versions) ensuring that only the most actual version is provided to the employees by the CLOUD module
  • Combined Shape Employees can directly access the most recent safety information and WIKs via a personal login to the CLOUD module

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