The ChemRADE ECETOC-TRA module contains the algorithm of the ECETOC-TRA worker exposure model (version 3.1). With this validated model both the inhalation risks and dermal exposure risks to hazardous substances can be estimated. The ECETOC-TRA model is widely used in Europe in the framework of the REACH regulation.

Skin exposure

The ECETOC-TRA model is the only validated model that can be used to perform a quantitative estimation of both inhalation and skin exposure. The characterization of the risks resulting from skin exposure is a compulsory part of both the Working Conditions Act and REACH.


Another important reason to use this module is that in the vast majority of the risk assessments for safe use instructions, the ECETOC-TRA module has been used. These safe use instructions can be found on the exteded-SDS, which become more common under the European REACH legislations.

This fact is very relevant for performing the so-called on-site REACH ‘use compliance check’. This check must be carried out to prove safe use of a specific hazardous substance in your company. For this reason, it is crucial to use the same model as your supplier. In more than 90% of all cases, the ECETOC-TRA model is used to draw up the safe use instructions. Read more about this onsite use compliance check on the page of the ChemRADE REACH module.

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The advantages
  • Combined Shape Calculating risks with a validated and accepted estimation model
  • Combined Shape Quantitative assessment of health risks of skin exposure for hazardous substances
  • Combined Shape Support with the "use compliance check" in the context of REACH
  • Combined Shape Avoid re-entries of information needed for performing risk assessments in the context of REACH

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