Projects module

The ChemRADE Projects module will support you to assess the combined exposure risks, for instance when different tasks with the same substance are performed on one single workday. In addition, the summed exposure ‘index’ could be calculated in case of exposure to different substances present in a product or mixture having similar toxicological endpoints. Another advantage of this module is that you could calculate (in advance) which exposure risks will occur in special situations, such as in case of maintenance stops, new production processes, changes to business operations or replacement of (CMR) substances.

Combined exposure

All models will provide an estimation of the exposure to hazardous substances for each of the tasks carried out. However, an employee often performs several tasks on a working day. The Project module helps you to quickly and easily calculate the working day exposure per workday for a substance, in a combination of different tasks.

Even if an employee will be exposed to a combination of substances causing similar adverse health effects, such as organic solvents, the combined exposure must be calculated according to the ‘addition rule’. This results in the so-called summed exposure ‘index’. The ChemRADE Projects module helps to calculate such an exposure index.

Specific situations
Would you like to know the health risks related to exposure to hazardous substances in advance? For instance, in case of introducing a new production process, an adjustment in your operation procedures, to perform a Task Risk Analysis or Management of Change (MOC) procedure or what the exposure will be after replacing a CMR substance? The Projects modules will support you by combining previously conducted risk assessments in a smart way, so you are able to easily assess the risks in the new situation.

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The advantages
  • Combined Shape Exposure assessment of combined exposure, when an employee is exposed to one substance during several working tasks on a workday
  • Combined Shape Calculation of the summed exposure index, in case of exposure to organic solvents
  • Combined Shape Determining alterations in exposure related health effects of the prospected CMR-replacement policy
  • Combined Shape Calculating the exposure level in specific situations, such as during maintenance stops or changes in your business operations
  • Combined Shape Optimizing Task Risk Analysis or Management of Change procedures in your company

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