REACH module

The ChemRADE REACH module will help you to efficiently check whether you comply with the safe working requirements, as received from your supplier. These regulations for safe working instructions can be found in the appendix of an extended SDS. As a company, you have to obligation to check within 12 months whether your company is working according to these safe working regulations after receiving such an extensive SDS.

Additional work is limited to the minimum

This ‘use compliance check’ is a requirement for REACH. In the REACH regulations, it is mentioned that it is mandatory for producers and suppliers of chemicals to set up safe use instructions, and that they must communicate these instructions with customers and users.

Therefore, besides the efforts in the context of the National  Working Conditions Act on hazardous substances, your company has a number of additional requirements due to the European REACH regulations. With the ChemRADE REACH module, you are able to efficiently carry out this use compliance check (in accordance with the REACH regulations). Especially since information can be used from previous registrations and risk assessments performed in ChemRADE. This prevents lots of duplication and it limits your administrative burden. A unique feature of the ChemRADE software!

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The advantages
  • Combined Shape With a few simple steps, you can check whether your employees work according to the safe use instructions of your supplier (REACH use compliance check)
  • Combined Shape Simple check whether your company meets the prescribed environmental measures by your product supplier
  • Combined Shape Easily recording all the important information from your received extended SDSs, such as receipt date, version number and contact information of your supplier
  • Combined Shape Optimal use of the ECETOC-TRA estimation model in ChemRADE, in order to prove safe use of hazardous substances in your company, according to the REACH regulations (‘scaling’)

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