WIC module

By means of the WIC module in ChemRADE, you can create advanced workplace instruction cards (WICs). These WICs are tuned to the actual health risks at a specific workplace. In addition, you can use this module to include company-specific instructions and descriptions in the WICs. This ensures an improved recognition and support by your employees.

Benefits for your employees

The time that a workplace instruction card (WIC) is just a summary of the safety data sheet (SDS) is over. The Dutch Labor Inspectorate expects that all work instructions are based on actual risks involved in a specific work operation. By using the WIK module, you can quickly and easily create modern, risk-based workplace instruction cards based on quantitative risk assessments from the exposure models in ChemRADE and the CLP information in a relevant product SDS. In combination with the ChemRADE CLOUD module, you can easily make these WICs directly available to your employees in the workplace. By combining the WIK module with ChemRADE Cloud, your employees will always have access to the most up-to-date WIKs at any time.

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The advantages
  • Combined Shape Workplace instruction cards (WICs) based on the actual risks related to a specific work operation (instead of the hazard of a substance)
  • Combined Shape Use of CLP pictograms and understandable work instructions in multiple languages, which ensures better recognition and support by the employees in the workplace
  • Combined Shape With just one click, a WIC has been produced. Therefore, manual work is greatly reduced (payback time on work within a day)
  • Combined Shape Possibility to send new WICs directly to employees in the workplace with ChemRADE CLOUD

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