What is ChemRADE?

ChemRADE is a web-based application that will help companies to manage all important aspects related to the registration and risk assessment of hazardous substances in the workplace environment. ChemRADE facilitates management operations and experts with major aspects to meet legal obligations in relation to the European REACH regulations and the Dutch Working Conditions Act.

Risk assessment of hazardous chemicals

Are your employees at risk during regular tasks with hazardous substances at their work? Working with hazardous chemicals will possibly result in health risks related to elevated exposure levels. As employer, you want to gain insight into both the substances used by your operators and the risks of performing all handlings with these substances. Just to make sure that your employees are working in safe and healthy working conditions. ChemRADE will help you to cope with the four measures of the Dutch Labour Inspectorate and thus the assurance of your hazardous substances policy. With ChemRADE, a register of hazardous substances can be created and updated in an easy way whenever needed, including an additional register for CMR substances.

Subsequently, you can determine the risks related to handling hazardous substances in your company, using integrated exposure models. Additionally, the software will assist in preparing an action plan to control exposure (according to the Dutch occupational health and safety strategy), exporting various reports and creating risk-based workplace instruction cards (WIC). With ChemRADE, the most adequate control measures can be selected, ensuring that your employees can work in safe and healthy conditions.

Online application

ChemRADE is a practical online application facilitating health risk management related to workplace exposure, which is always and everywhere using your personal login details. This results in the possibility to perform risk assessments, to manage your data and to create and export reports in an easy way, everywhere you are. Besides the expert tool the ChemRADE Cloud App is developed, aiming to share digital SDS information and workplace instruction cards (WIC) with your colleagues directly by means of a secured Cloud mobile app. Consequently, your employees have always and everywhere access to up-to-date and correct safety information using their computer, smartphone or tablet.

Combine Dutch Working Conditions Act and REACH efforts to your hazardous substances

With the introduction of the European REACH regulation, a number of requirements concerning the registration and risk assessments of hazardous substances were chanced. For instance, if you receive an ‘extended SDS’ (SDS new style), additional registration requirements have to be performed: the so-called ‘use compliance check’. The REACH module in ChemRADE will support you in performing these additional obligations. Information as previously introduced in ChemRADE, including already conducted risks assessments, are used to minimize your administrative burden. ChemRADE is unique in combining these efforts.

CMR substances

ChemRADE assists you in the additional requirements regarding the registration of CMR substances. For instance, substances are automatically classified as CMR based on hazard phrases. In addition, we offer additional CMR checks to verify compliance with legislations. We can also help you with additional documentations, such as CMR management plans or pregnancy policy plans.

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Advice and implementation of ChemRADE in your company

ChemRADE is known for its intuitive structure as this application has been developed in cooperation with its first users. This has resulted in a structured software tool, which makes it easy accessible for new users. Moreover, we offer you targeted support during the implementation of the software in your company, by one of our professional and enthusiastic colleagues.

This allows you to decide yourself to what extent you want to get supported by one of our consultants. Together with the possibility to customize your ChemRADE licence with additional modules based on your own preferences, we are able to keep our costs low and our serviceability high.

We are always attainable for additional advice during and after the implementation. Additionally, users of ChemRADE can retain their knowledge by joining our free periodic training sessions. For us, this provides us with the opportunity to stay in contact and to get to grip on the problems you are facing, concerning the risks related to occupational exposure. We also keep in good contact with each other in and we know what kind of challenges you have.

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