Why ChemRADE?

By using ChemRADE, your company will work safer and more efficiently. With the web-based application, you fully automate the management of your register hazardous substances and additional risk assessments.

Acknowledged by the Dutch Labour Inspectorate

ChemRADE is accepted as online application to help you to adhering to the four measures of the Dutch Labour Inspectorate ‘SZW’ (Dutch acronym for social affairs and employment). Based on these measures ChemRADE will help you to manage your register hazardous substances, including additional registrations for CMR substances. Furthermore, risk assessments can be performed for all handlings with hazardous substances by using multiple acknowledged mathematical models, preparing a plan of action for control measures according to the Dutch occupational health and safety strategy and finally, manage all relevant information in your system. Because of continual development, ChemRADE remains in line with new developments and requirements of the Dutch Working Conditions Act and REACH legislations.

An user-friendly software application

ChemRADE is developed in close cooperation with our customers. This has resulted in a clear, user-friendly and intuitive software application. The same goes for the implementation of ChemRADE, which we have tried to make as easy as possible.  You are free to decide yourself to what extent you want support from our consultants.  Besides this, as being a ChemRADE user you are always welcome to join our free periodic training sessions. In this way, you will quickly become familiar with ChemRADE and their new developments. Furthermore, you provide us with the opportunity to stay in contact, so we get to know the problems you are facing.

All advantages of ChemRADE in a row:

  • Online access, always and everywhere available by your personal login details
  • Full integration of the four measures of the Dutch Labour Inspectorate ‘SZW’
  • Comply to both the Dutch Working Act and REACH legislations, by a smart integration of additional requirements
  • Manage your register hazardous substances in an easy way, including additional registration options for CMR-substances
  • Possibility to enter and test multiple occupational exposure limits (OELs)
  • Perform risk assessments for all occupational activities involving hazardous substances by multiple acknowledged mathematical models
  • Automated assessment with and without personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Assessment of combined exposures to hazardous substances
  • Linking measurement data to relevant substances and occupational activities
  • Clear (management) reports, easy to compose according to your preferences
  • Sharing SDS information and workplace instruction cards (WICs) with your colleagues by a mobile App

If you are interested in what ChemRADE can offer, please contact us if you require further information.

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