Chemical Risk Assessment Masterclass in South Africa

Event   March 7 2022

Joost van Rooij, our Chief Science Officer, and consultant Annemiek den Heijer have been invited by our partner Sedulitas and by SAIOH (South African Institute for Occupational Hygiene) to give Masterclasses in Chemical Risk Assessment in Southern Africa.  These 2 days interactive training courses take place in Cape Town (7 and 8 March), Durban (9 and 10 March), Johannesburg (11 and 12 March) and Swakopmund, Namibia (14 and 15 March). This trip will also be used to visit companies that work with Chemrade software. More information about the masterclasses in Southern Africa can be found in the enclosed leaflet. Registration is through SAIOH: (Kate Smart).