Webinar How to become REACH compliant?

Webinar   June 20 2023

REACH compliance, what exactly does that mean? During this webinar, we will teach you which REACH obligations apply and how you can comply with them clearly and efficiently using Chemrade. You will receive tips that are directly applicable within your company. It will also become clear how Chemrade can help you perform so-called 'use compliance checks' to demonstrate that you are working in accordance with the safe work instructions of your supplier. 

This webinar is intended for Chemrade users and other interested HSE(Q) professionals who want to know how they can use Chemrade to meet REACH obligations for end users of hazardous substances.



Date and registration

The webinar will take place on Tuesday, June 20. As we will determine the time of the webinar based on the time zones of the registrants, please register one week before the webinar. You will receive a link and access code in advance, which you can use to follow this online webinar.