Masterclass 5b. Exposure measurements: Biological monitoring (urine/blood) (English)

Masterclass   June 20 2024

Biological monitoring is a way of assessing chemical exposures by measuring the chemical or its breakdown products in a biological sample (usually urine, blood). These measuring methods are only used to a limited extent in the daily practice of occupational hygiene and occupational health care. This is a missed opportunity because urine and blood measurements have a number of obvious advantages over air measurements: you measure the total exposure, so both by inhalation and by skin absorption, you can determine the effectiveness of respiratory and / or skin protection, and these measurements are often more cost effective. Topics in this masterclass are: when biological monitoring (for which substances?), biological limit values, drawing up a measurement plan, interpretation of biological measurement data.


TThis masterclass is the second of the Chemrade Masterclasses Chemical Risk Assessment, developed for Chemrade customers, partners and close relations who want to deepen and update their knowledge of Chemical Risk Assessment. There are no costs associated with this masterclass. Each masterclass can also be taken separately. Participants receive a certificate of participation. The masterclasses are given in both Dutch and English. 


Date and registration

The masterclass will take place on Thursday 20 June from 15:00 to 16:00 CEST. You will receive an calender invitation, which you can use to follow this online masterclass.

Note that this masterclass is also organized in Dutch. Register here.